Our Structural Advantages

The investment objective of the Level 3 Total Return Opportunities Fund is to generate absolute long-term total returns.

Distinct Backgrounds and Extensive Experience of Founding Partners

The three managing partners have over 70 years of combined experience in portfolio management, equity research, fixed income and derivatives in a wide range of industries, security types and situations. Our fundamentally driven value-oriented investment philosophy continues at Level 3.

Flexible and Straightforward Mandate

The Fund is set up to allow investment in a wide range of geographies, market capitalizations and publicly traded securities. An unconstrained asset allocation means no limits on holding cash. Long only – no leverage – no derivatives.

Long Term Focus

Most investors focus on short term news and performance. By extending our investment horizon, Level 3 is able to develop differentiated views and evaluate securities based on longer term considerations and fundamentals rather than short term noise.

Manager Alignment

As we seek with our investee companies and their management, the Level 3 partners have invested significant portions of their own net worth in the Fund. Proper incentive structures require exposure to downside risk along with upside potential.